Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision.

- John Naisbitt

Strategic Planning

A law firm is just like any other business. It needs a plan if it wishes to grow and succeed for years to come. If your goal is to just get by year after year, then working with Firm Transitions is not what you need. However, if you want to grow your practice area or law firm, then the team at Firm Transitions is here to help. We understand what it takes to grow a law firm from a single office to a multi-state mega firm. Whether you want to just grow your local practice or instead expand into multiple cities or states, you first need a well-developed strategic plan.

The problem with most plans, is that a person or group within the firm tries to develop the plan themselves. The result will frequently be a very creative, ambitious plan that is not rooted in reality. These "failed" plans can often be avoided by having a knowledgeable third party listen to your goals and ideas, share market information you need, and help facilitate a plan that will set your law firm up for short-term and long-term success.

Regardless of where your law firm is located, our Chief Transition Advisors are able to help facilitate and implement the strategic plan for your firm. We always start with an online session so that computer screens can be shared as needed and all participants can have an opportunity to interact and introduce themselves. Make sure you click the button on this page to start with a FREE Consultation!

Firm Specific

No organization has grown successfully without a plan. If your firm is like most, then any plan you are currently following was put in place by either a single attorney or an internal group of partners who tried to figure out how to grow a law firm while also focusing on individual practices. When a firm utilizes just its internal team, it is often difficult to create an effective plan for a wide variety of reasons. These include: conversations losing focus, internal friction between partners, and a lack of understanding what is really going on within the legal community and at other law firms. When it comes to developing a plan, make sure you first schedule a FREE consultation with Firm Transitions so you can learn more about how a CTA will help plan and facilitate your strategic planning retreat and more importantly, work with your firm as it works to implement the plan. After all, the ability to implement is as important as planning itself.

Mastermind Groups

You may have heard of "Mastermind Groups", "Management Roundtables", or "Group Coaching." Regardless of what terms are employed, the group is only as strong as the individuals involved and the coach or company facilitating the group. Firm Transitions runs a series of in-person and online mastermind groups. The goal of each is to connect managing attorneys of local or regional law firms that focus on different practice areas. As a member of a Firm Transitions Mastermind Group, you are providing your firm an opportunity to build strategic alliances with other law firms while also taking advantage of learning from a Firm Transitions' coach and leaders of other law firms who have faced similar problems. Schedule a FREE consultation to learn more about an upcoming Mastermind Group.

Note: Firm Transitions is NOT a law firm. Any attorneys on our staff are NOT authorized to provide individuals or organizations with legal advice. 

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