Firm Expansion

We get talent and scale from mergers.

- Angela Braly

Expand Your Firm

Over the years, law firms have explored a number of ways to expand and take their firm to the next level. The problem is that just expanding or merging does not solve problems within a firm. Therefore, any expansion or merger needs to be carefully analyzed and thoroughly planned. If your firm has ever thought that adding another attorney or practice area or office would solve its problems only to find out that it now just has more or different issues, then you understand the importance of making sure any future expansion is well planned.

When working with Firm Transitions, your firm will benefit from experienced leaders who have helped place key leaders and attorneys within law firms and have been part of successful mergers and law firm expansions. Whether you want our team to help facilitate the communication between your firm and another attorney or firm or need guidance to make sure that an expansion, under consideration, will actually help your firm, then make sure to schedule a FREE consultation today!

General Expansion

Whether you are looking at hiring new attorneys or opening a new office, "general" expansion tasks might seem very routine. Actually, little is truly routine about these expansions. Too often, the newly hired attorney does not meet expectations or the new office incurs more costs than expected or does not generate as much revenue as predicted. Whether it is meeting with a new parter to develop a business plan that helps him/her be successful within the overall structure of your firm or managing the opening of a new office, Firm Transitions is the third party team that can help analyze the numbers and facilitate the expansion to make sure that realistic expectations are made and that the expansion goes as efficiently as possible.

Mergers & "Selling"

An effective way of growing your firm is through strategic mergers. In addition, if you are part of an aging firm and the partners are looking to "sell" then a merger can be a solution that benefits all parties. Our network keeps us in touch with a number of firms looking to transition through a strategic merger. If a Firm Transitions' client wants to merge with another firm, then our team does its due diligence to make sure the merger makes sense for our client and the combined firm. The Firm Transitions team is also very capable of mediating a merger. In this case, we work with both sides to make sure that the transition is fair to each and that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. When considering a merger, it is best to contact Firm Transitions for a FREE consultation so you can better understand what is involved and why it is beneficial to have a company like ours assist you with this transition.

Note: Firm Transitions is NOT a law firm. Any attorneys on our staff are NOT authorized to provide individuals or organizations with legal advice. 

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