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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.

- John Wanamaker

Is Your Marketing Pieced Together?

Many law firms fail to recognize the value of developing even a basic brand. BEFORE you spend any more money on advertising, check to see how your marketing efforts fit within The Branding Puzzle which was developed by the founder of our company, Chris Vaughan. Everything you do should have a purpose and should fit with both other marketing efforts and your firm's overall strategy. Take a few minutes to review The Branding Puzzle below and then schedule your FREE consultation with a member of our team. Please note that this puzzle is put together by having the middle row firmly established. After that, it does not matter if you look at the top row, Digital Marketing, or the bottom row, Traditional Marketing.

Key Values

Key Values

When we work with clients on their strategic plan, we first try to identify the Key Values. At a basic level, this is what you believe is the value you are able to provide to your clients. It is not what makes you different (we will discuss that below).

Social Media and Public Actions fall into the Key Values column because they are both long-term plays. For example, you cannot convince a prospective client that supporting the local community is a key value by just saying it. Your social media posts and public appearances allow you to prove that you value the local community.



Differentiators are what you and your law firm bring to the client that are better than or different from the other law firms your prospective clients might engage. Unfortunately, when we work with law firms and ask them to identify their key differentiators, the number one response provided is "Customer Service". While it is great that you believe your customer service is better than that of other firms, unless you can show how, it is simply a Key Value. Not every law firm can be the best at "Customer Service".

Digital Media and "Out-of-Home" marketing are Differentiators because when using these forms of marketing efforts you have anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to capture a prospective client's attention. You will not be able to sell them on your values in that time frame, but you can clearly identify why you are different and thus a better firm for their needs.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement should be both detailed and concise. You should NEVER start by trying to identify your Mission Statement. When developing your Mission Statement, pull from your Key Values and Differentiators to create a one to two sentence Mission Statement. You will know if your Mission Statement is strong when you share it with others in your organization. If they can understand and remember it, you have likely created a Mission Statement that will help form the foundation of your strategic plan.

Your Website and Print Marketing efforts are in the same column as your Mission Statement because these forms of advertising provide you with enough space to share everything you can with prosective clients. They can then understand your mission, clearly identify what is important to your law firm, and appreciate how your firm is different from others.

The Firm Transitions team is ready to help your law firm with ALL of its marketing and sales initiatives. It is important to know that we do NO work for any clients until we have a better understanding of their goals and the purpose behind the initiative. We believe that anything you spend money on should enhance your brand. Below are just a few ways we can help law firms with their marketing and sales efforts.


There are a number of platforms that can help your firm better manage its back office. AttyLytics is designed to help manage your client intake process. It all starts with a mobile friendly landing page or full website with unlimited pages that comes with a SSL Certificate! From there, you have the option to utilize the form builder/survey platform and built in appointment scheduler! Click here to learn more about AttyLytics.

Contact Marketing

How does your firm connect with current and prospective clients? Are you effectively using e-mail marketing campaigns, social media, and text message marketing? Our team has worked with all of these platforms and can help your firm determine which is best for your needs. In addition, we will provide you with the training necessary to make sure your firm is using each form of contact marketing effectively.

Graphic Design

There are a number of ways your firm can find itself not-compliant with respect to the ethics associated with marketing your firm. By using Firm Transitions, you will work with a team of marketing experts and graphic designers that understand the importance of following your state's code of ethics. We can assist with the design of marketing campaigns and even the slide deck for your upcoming presentation to help to keep the audience engaged.

Print & Promotion

Whether you need printed materials or promotional products, we have you covered. With access to nearly one million products direct from the suppliers, our team is able to provide you with the print or embroidery needed to promote your firm's brand. Did you know that promotional products are remembered by 80% of the people who receive them while only 30% of people remember a commercial on television? Make sure your brand makes the right impression.

Note: Firm Transitions is NOT a law firm. Any attorneys on our staff are NOT authorized to provide individuals or organizations with legal advice. 

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