Knowledge Management

Good, bad, or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.

- Philip Green

Knowledge Management Advisors

Over the last decade, larger law firms have discovered the value of having a Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO). The problem is that most law firms cannot afford to have a full-time Chief Knowledge Officer. Therefore, many CIOs (Chief Information Officers | Directors of Technology) must try and fill that void. While a few are able to serve both roles, it is NOT easy and can lead to a lot of internal problems.

Since security and uninterrupted functioning of systems have become increasingly important, firms need to allow their CIO to focus more on making sure their networks are secure and running effectively. Unfortunately, this means more time must to be spent on network issues and less time interacting with attorneys to learn about what software can truly help build their practice. Likewise, pressure from aggressive attorneys may cause a busy CIO to invest in software that a sales person pitches without getting the chance to research it fully and find out if there are better alternatives.

When Firm Transitions serves as your Chief Knowledge Advisor (CKA), we work closely with your firm's CIO and attorneys. Our CKA's speak the language of attorneys and help them implement technology based projects that will improve the efficiency of your attorneys and staff. In essence, we serve as the translator between your firm's attorneys and technology team.

Software Integrations

All law firms are using some form of technology to help manage their case loads and communicate with current and potential clients. The problem is that not all platforms fit the needs of a firm like yours, and your firm likely must use various cloud-based applications. The Firm Transitions team will help analyze the software your firm is currently using and help you either integrate it so the platforms communicate effectively through APIs (Application Program Interface) or suggest alternatives that will better serve the needs of your law firm. By working with a number of law firms, we stay up-to-date with a vast number of platforms that can help law firms in a number of ways. When working with Firm Transitions, you will not only receive our professional opinion on which software will best help your firm, but you will also receive access to a team that understands the pros and cons of using various applications within your law firm. Schedule a FREE consultation today so our team can help analyze your current processes.

Custom Applications

Sometimes it is best to have an application built to fit the exact needs of your law firm. Our Chief Knowledge Advisors have experience working as project managers for a wide range of enterprise level applications. While your law firm could hire any software development team, most attorneys struggle to communicate their needs with programmers, and programmers frequently do not understand exactly why law firms need specific functionality. When your firm works with Firm Transitions, we use strong relationships with programmers who are skilled at writing the code needed to develop your custom application. We work with both your firm and the programmers to make sure it is built in a timely manner and will even help you negotiate with the programming team to ensure it is a cost-effective solution. In addition, our team will compare your idea with applications that perform similar functionality to be sure that the custom build is more cost effective for your firm.

Note: Firm Transitions is NOT a law firm. Any attorneys on our staff are NOT authorized to provide individuals or organizations with legal advice. 

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